Dear Sir,
WITH the ongoing Middle East issue being highlighted in the Majorca Daily Bulletin “Letters” column, I should like to rejoin the fray by also complimenting George Scott of Binissalem on his letter; whilst I agree George Bush did not “win” the election in 2000, but was “appointed”, what really is puzzling is that after experiencing four years of his incompetant rule, at home and abroad, is that he was reelected in 2004.
When Clinton took power, he inherited a huge national debt built up over previous years, eliminated it, and handed over the country, financially back “in the black”. Under Bush, in a very short time, this position was reversed, and continuing on to such an extent, it may take a generation to clear the debt up again.
The dollar has devalued under his administration against the euro by between 25 and 30 percent, and his two adventurous incursions into Afghanistan and Iraw, without studying their history, and with no end plan, may leave U.S. (and other) troops involved there for many years to come.
This is not to overlook the tens of thousands of nationals in those two countries who have died in the name of “democracy” and still counting.
As Ray Fleming points out, the “King David Hotel” bombing 60 years past, killing 91 (in that number also were Americans and Jews) was, by then acclaimed, terrorists. In fact, Begin was the most wanted terrorist on the British list, but when the dust settled, he became the first prime minister of Israel.
This terrorist of “yesterday” becoming the freedom fighter of “today”, and eventually standing as the prime minister/president of “tomorrow”, has been repeated many times. The blood thirsty “Mau Mau” of Kenya was led by Kenyatta; witness Archbishop Makarios (with Grivas) of Cyprus, and most currently in the news, Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
So whilst everyone deplores suicide bombers, rocket attacks, etc., Israel should understand this, as their own nation/country was founded on just these actions, and knowing this, should try to get to the negotiating table sooner rather than later.
As a famous Republican woman during the Spanish Civil War once said: “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees” and the Israelis should remember this, and act accordingly.
Graham Phillips, Palma de Majorca
Dear Sir,
AT the risk of abusing your “editorial hospitality”, may I once more enter the furore engendered by the situation that prevails in Israel and Lebanon.
I do, of course totally respect the opinions of others who have presented them in the Daily Bee, and trust that THEY respect mine and those who support that view. Words used, like “rant” and other epithets do not advance their arguments merely showing their paucity of intellect. Meb Cutlack's contribution (Friday) contains ALL these faults, together with a view of past history, e.g.(Nazi invasion of Poland) breathtaking in its ignorance and sheer distortion of the facts prevailing at the beginning of that conflict.
Relating and equating this to the Israeli/Lebanon of today for some unnaccountable reason he drags in the word Zionist, (the movement that helped to establish Israel) SEVEN times in his absurd tirade. May I respectfully point out to him that the invasion and bombardment of Lebanon was preceded by Hezbollah's ambush at the border where they killed three members of an Israeli patrol, taking two others prisoners.
Even before that incident the Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon have set up strongholds, firing rockets intermittently into Northern Israel ever since Israeli troops LEFT this area of Lebanon in May 2000.
However, these rockets, puny things called Qassams which evoked limited response, have been superseded by something far more dangerous, the dreaded Katyusha rockets (supplied by Iran and Syria) capable of reaching much more distant targets, as we have seen at Haifa, the second largest city in Israel.
It is fairly obvious, except possibly to Mr Cutlack, that Israel cannot under any circumstances allow this to continue. The Hezbollah bases MUST be eliminated. The Lebanese Government seems incapable or unwilling to restrain the Hezbollah Militias, but they must be helped to do so, eventually I think by a multi-national force capable of policing the borders. This is the only logical way forward in spite of Mr Cutlack's one-sided view, I should say “lop-sided”, but I promised not to indulge in his “ranting language”.
Phil Green, Nova Santa Ponsa


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