By Jason Moore
GIVING Margarita Najera, the former Mayor of Calvia, a government post has certainly caused some controversy. The opposition Partido Popular has slammed her appointment because she is still involved in a major legal battle dating from her time as Mayor. While she has been cleared on the majority of charges there are still two outstanding. The fact that a Balearic government minister is in court has caused eyebrows to be raised. But apart from her legal dispute Najera is also making the headlines for her linguistic abilities. She is now under pressure to speak Catalan because all Balearic government business is conducted in this language. For many years now the language of government is Catalan and Najera, being a mainlander from Bilbao, has always spoken Spanish. She is now promising to learn the language because being able to speak Catalan comes with the territory of being a local minister. I am quite amazed that she managed to hold public office on the island for so long without speaking the language. Incredible but true.

R EGARDING my campaign for the return of residence permits instead of useless certificates I heard back from Brussels...They had told me to contact the British Embassy and the local authorities. I explained to the British ambassador Denise Holt the widespread anger over the certificates during her visit last month. I will keep you up-dated.


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