Visitor No's

Dear Sir, I sent you a letter last week that you published and since coming home and back to work I have been reading your newspaper on line during my lunch break, very interesting to see visitor no's are up by 10.5% but only 2 weeks ago the car hire firms were reporting a drop in business, well all I have to say is as I said last week ‘do not kill the golden goose that lays the golden egg' people have now got wise to the car hire firms at the airport and renting locally in the resort they are staying at, I rest my case, have a good summer and see you in September.

Austin Morgan
Holywell North Wales

Weather Alert

Dear Sir, Following my letter to you last week regarding the “Nannyish” words of advice that are so obvious as to defy comment by rational human beings, I was astounded to read in the Bulletin today, the exact same unnecessary warnings and advice issuing from The Ministry of Home Affairs in Majorca. I repeat those pearls of wisdom.

Drink plenty of water, don't let children stay too long in the sun, don't do heavy work in the heat, keep in the shade” etc. I presume that the Director-General of Home Affairs, is a Spaniard, and must be aware that the indigenous population on the island are accustomed to SIESTAS, a word known through the civilised world, do not need telling that hot summers occur every year without fail, some hotter than others. In short, warnings about the heat are totally superfluous. And, even expatriates like myself, are fully aware of the long hot summers, unlike those in Britain, who are lucky to enjoy one every seven years or so which usually, after a week or so, give way to thunderstorms, that bring heavy rains, leading to floods, and then much cooler temperatures, as one can see this year.

Finally, I have to say, that never did I believe for a moment that I would be wring to you about weather as a topic for discussion. One reason for living on this enchanting island, is that I know it is going to be FINE 90% of the time. So, away with warnings, let's enjoy letter on weather regardless! Yours Sincerely, Phil Green
El Toro


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