Dear Sir,
l I READ, with interest, Jason Moore's Viewpoint on Saturday 23 July and feel I should comment as follows.
I really feel that Mr Moore, being 1'000 miles away from London, cannot possibly be in a position to comment regarding our security. When was Mr Moore last on the London Underground or main line stations? His comments regarding “ chief, because the person charged with this job at the moment (in London) has obviously got to resign” and referring to New York “a New York police officer on almost every underground train and police on duty at most metro stations,” ....sniffer dogs and equipment which detects explosives has also been introduced”, etc. etc. I think Mr Moore should stop sunning himself and come back to London to take a look. Especially since 7 July, all London main line stations have visibly numerous police officers on duty on the stations. Outside the station are many more police officers, ambulances are often parked up. On train journeys into London, when nearing the capital, police are visible on the station platforms as far out as Bromley South Station in Kent, and probably further. As early as 7 July PM at London Bridge main line station, police with sniffer dogs were patrolling the stations. There is an abundance of police on mountain bikes patrolling the City of London (and very fit looking men they are too!). This morning, police are stopping and searching buses outside my office on their journey to pass St Paul's into the heart of the city. I really do think the police are doing everything possible to keep us safe on our commute and do not need to take any lessons from the New York Police Department. There are 3'000'000 people every day commuting into London. Three million people to keep safe is a tremendous amount of people. It is comforting that his “heart goes out to Londoners .... who are being brave”. I am very sure not one commuter thinks her/himself as being ”brave”. No, we don't like to live like this and would love everyday to be sunny and only rain at night, but life just isn't like that and we have to just get on with it. Remember that we had three decades of terror, as mainland Spain, and we shall continue to live as we choose along with Birmingham, Manchester and other cities in the UK. As for Mayor Ken Livingstone taking the tube, yes he does sometimes, as do politicians and probably “minor” royals, the only difference is that Mayor Ken has a photocall and everyone else just gets on with their life, away from the press. Please, Mr Moore, do not criticise our overstretched security personnel from the comfort of your sun lounger rather than praise them for their vigilance, hard work and dedication as with all our emergency services.
Barbera Briggs, a London mainline commuter.


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