By Jason Moore
I thought that Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero had grown in stature and had started to behave like a leading European leader, showing the necessary tact and diplomacy. During his years in opposition he gained a reputation for behaving in a rather provocative way, like refusing to stand for the U.S. national anthem to protest against the Iraq war and blasting Tony Blair and George Bush for their policies in the Middle East. But over recent months Zapatero appeared to be staying clear of controversy. But all this changed last week when he launched a blistering attack on Israel and even donned a Palestinian headscarf. These schoolboy style stunts achieve little and make Zapatero look more like a low level councillor with a point to prove than a Prime Minister. Israel have said that their relations with Spain have been badly damaged as a result of his actions. Why does Zapatero have to act in such an unstatesmanlike way? Surely, it would be better if he worked to try and end the conflict in the Middle East rather than just showing off where his loyalties lie. These two minutes of madness could cost the Prime Minister dearly. It's a great pity because Zapatero has shown some great courage and statesmanship especially over the Basque Country. It is rather unfortunate that all his good work should be marred by a single stupid incident.


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