Dear Sir, WITH the Breitling Yacht race over for another year, perhaps the powers that be in Puerto Portals could pay special attention to the parking chaos that prevailed when they review their organizing abilities.

It was a dreadful situation made worse by those selfish individuals who parked, and abandoned their vehicles for 24 hours over seven days, in prime parking spots. The vehicles were used for magazine advertising purposes/or secondhand car sales. I'm just surprised that the owners of restaurants, bars and shops did'nt complain to the Port authorities (or perhaps they did and were ignored?), because bona fide customers were being kept away.

After three unsuccessful circuits of the Port, looking for a parking space, I decided to call it a day and went elsewhere to spend my money.
If these “publicists” were under the impression that there is no such thing as “bad publicity”, they are very much mistaken. The many comments I was hearing, regarding this annual occurrence, were far from complimentary.

Barbara Heathcock, Portals Nous
Dear Sir, Re: The Royal Family at Marivent
ONLY in power a few weeks, and the “Pact” are showing their true colours with the Communist Councillor calling for the Marivent Palace to be returned to the Majorcans and for the royal family to holiday somewhere else! It might be pointed out to this man that the Spanish royal family are the best ambassadors this island has ever had. Without their patronage and support, the island's sailing regattas would still be in their infancy. Many foreign dignitaries and personalities (e.g. Bill Clinton), would never have visited the island, returning home and promoting the island further.

Sr. Llados' outburst has done more damage than even he could imagine (perhaps that was his intention?). One thing however, become more obvious. Sr. Matas was right in refusing to pact with other parties.

Mrs. M. Irving, Portals Nous


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