Dear Sir,

I have been associated with the idyllic island of Majorca for many years. Whilst working in the tourist industry almost exclusively with Majorca and having owned a home there for many years, I gained a deep knowledge of the island and a great love for what is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Now retired my wife and I are able to visit Majorca purely for pleasure and fly over several times a year for periods of between 2 and 6 weeks. Additionally I fly over for a few days on a regular basis during the winter specifically for mountain walking with a small group of multinational friends.

This year regretfully I will not be coming over to Majorca for my short visits due to lack of suitable flights. In the past I have flown from Leeds & Bradford airport and also Manchester. To my dismay I have just learned that the destination of Majorca has been dropped completely for this coming winter season from both Manchester and Leeds & Bradford. To fly over to Majorca now, entails changing at London Heathrow or travelling to Liverpool or Newcastle airport which is not an option for such short duration trips. Regretfully, this year I will be unable to enjoy those splendid and breathtaking walks in the mountains of Majorca. However I am lucky as my second choice of destination for mountain and fell walking is the Yorkshire Dales, Wolds and Moors - just on my doorstep! Majorca is trying to encourage short duration and weekend breaks and this state of affairs must be or should be of grave concern. It is a fruitless exercise to indicate you can fly from other U.K. airports as that defeats the whole idea of short breaks with little or no hassle and at an economic price.

I am no longer involved with the tourist industry but if I was I would be most worried.

Michael Walsh


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