By Jason Moore,

IT is a sad reflection of our modern day times that western capitals need to be prepared to cope with terrorist atrocities. The whole world has been stunned at the attacks in Norway which claimed the lives of almost 100 people. Sadly, Norway was not prepared for this sort of outrage and the police were under pressure yesterday to explain why it took them so long to reach Utoeya island. A single police helicopter in Olso was not operational because it appeared that the pilots were on holiday. Obviously, it is very hard to train for what is an unthinkable atrocity but it does show that western security service need to be on guard at all times. Norway, is respected around the world as a peace-loving and tranquil nation, but at the same time its armed services are involved in the Afghan campaign and the air-war against Libya. This should have meant that its security services were on a greater state of alert. Sadly, Norway is now going to have to adopt many of the security restrictions which exist in other European cities such as London and Paris. Anders Behring Breivik published details of his views on the internet but still he escaped the attention of the Norwegian security services. He was allowed to plan the attack unnoticed eventhough he was buying large amounts of potential explosive material and weapons. It was a very sad day for Norway on Friday but there are lessons to be learnt and sadly the Norwegian security services need to be on their guard.


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