By Humphrey Carter

One of the greatest lines in modern cinema was shouted by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men when he belted out “The truth. You can't handle the truth...” Well I get the impression that Hollywood feels the same about the American population.
Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent after one science fiction movie after another and most of the latest bunch have all bombed at the box office.

I hate to think what the nominations for next year's Oscars are going to be, let us hope that the independent market continues to be highly active bringing us films about real issues such as Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker and more recently Zero Dark Thirty about the capture of Bin Laden.

Surely some excellent material much have emerged from wars in Irak and Afghanistan -where has Michael Moore gone? What about Oliver Stone who brought us Platoon.

I am sure the multiracial American public can face up to recent developments, be they good or bad, so why do the big studio producers prefer to waste billions of dollars on what could be described as a propaganda campaign to divert the nation's attentions away from what is wrong with the United States and the possible mistakes it has made over seas.

And, we have another turkey to look forward to this week - Brad Pitt's $190 million World War Z. I want to know what that script writer was smoking!


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