Dear Sir, Last Saturday, Jill and I went to a performance at Son Amar and we would like in this column to congratulate them on a quite stunning show. No act can be picked out above another as all were of the highest quality, performed with panache and consummate expertise. We have rarely enjoyed an evening so much, which was accompanied perfectly by a superb meal. Congratulations and roll on the next fifty years.

Yours etc ...
Nicholas Carter

Dear Sir, Mike Wilkinson makes some interesting points (letters 27 July) and I would agree that the plight of the private yachtsman needs some attention from the authorities. Mike refers to the buoys at Punta Avenzada. These were part of the islands wide free buoy “Life Posidonia” scheme, set up in 2007 on the basis of an EU directive and subsidy and designed to protect the seagrass fields, which are seen to play an important part in the marine eco system. When the subsidy was withdrawn in 2011 the local govt. tried to carry on alone but clearly does not have the funds so this year they are trying to put the whole operation out to tender, creating some confusion e.g. different fees are collected by the local marina in Porto Petro and by the local authorities/ Ports IB in Pollensa and Fornells (Minorca)! People, especially the local sailing community, had got used to free buoys and there is naturally some resistance to now having to pay, with the result that the buoys are being boycotted by most boats who either leave or anchor illegally and theoretically risk heavy fines. This situation cannot continue since somebody has to pay for the upkeep and operation of the buoys otherwise they will be withdrawn. Somebody with a bit of nautical savvy in Govt. needs to think up a master plan including reasonable buoy charges, which most people would accept, and clearly defined areas where anchoring is allowed or not. The Balearics are one of the best cruising areas in the Mediterranean and it is in everyone's interest to make them as attractive as possible.

Captain E. J.Kempton
La Rapita


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