By Jason Moore
A group of youth members of a minority member of the Balearic government, the Left Wing Republican Party (ERC), say that the Marivent Palace should be returned to the Balearic people and if the royals don't like it they should go elsewhere and all of a sudden the Balearic tourist industry goes into overdrive. The Majorcan Tourist Board holds a meeting and then announces that ofcourse the royal family is welcome here. Well, I admire the Majorcan Tourist Board and feel they do an excellent job but I do wonder why they have decided to get involved in what is a very small, political issue. The fact that the royal family is welcome here goes without saying. Holding a meeting and then issuing a communique only adds even more publicity to a statement made by a group of students. When Queen Elizabeth II came to Majorca in 1988 someone had written across one of the quay walls in Palma the words “Gibraltar Español...” The Queen did not order the Britannia to sail out of Palma at once; the royal household clearly came to the conclusion that this was the view of a small number of people and the visit was a huge success. End of story. Perhaps, the Majorcan Tourist Board would be advised to hold meetings and issue communiques on more weighty issues such as the jellyfish plague or the state of the beaches. I think student politics should be left to students.


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