Dear Sir
This is a warning to all tourists and residents to be on their guard at all times against pick pockets and bag snatchers. My wife was walking through Palma Airport when a man with a East European accent asked her for directions, moments later when she went to pay for her parking she realised that her purse was missing from her handbag.
On reporting the theft to the police in Cala d'Or, the young female police officer stated that it was the sixteenth theft reported that day and it was not even lunchtime. It would seem our beautiful island is in the middle of a crime epidemic and what is more disturbing it would appear the only thing the authorities are interested in doing is hushing it all up.
You have been warned.
Stephen Cliff, Cala d'Or

Dear Sir,
As we head into the high summer season I would like to issue a cry for help. I live in the resort of Palma Nova opposite a popular all inclusive hotel. It is astonishing that this year the so called entertainers seem to think they are performing sold out concerts at Wembley Stadium rather than entertaining guests at a resort in Majorca. Every night in my apartment complex we are blasted out by the sounds of their shows - baying holiday makers shouting and chanting who are encouraged to drink as much as possible and to shout louder and louder by the compere who seems to think he is Robbie Williams with music thumping constantly.
Every night at 9.00pm I am forced to shut all my windows, curtains and turn up the TV and air conditioning to double its usual level to try and drown out the terrible noise. Now as we move into high season all this starts at around 10am in the morning so we are forced to suffer all day and night. I ask the question do they really need microphones for pool games and darts?
This year they have built a new stage area with a lighting system that is more suited for stadium pop concerts rather than a hotel in a built up residential area. As well as shutting everything up at night I now cannot even leave my own dog outside due to the strobe lighting used as part of their shows. Under Article 18 of the Human Rights Convention I understand that everyone is given the right to live in their own house without disturbance – this is now certainly not the case. How would people like strobe lights which are so powerful they bounce straight into our living room scaring my pets and forcing me indoors for fear of epilepsy which I have suffered from in the past.
Name withheld by request


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