Cantro Canino
WITH reference to your recent article concerning The Centro Canino - it would appear that where-ever they establish themselves, Palma Council is intent on persecuting them - this raises the question why?

Is there perhaps a hidden undisclosed reason for this unrelenting actions that the councillors of Palma are pursuing?

If there is no such cause, then do the councillors not have more important issues to attend to in these days of drastic cutbacks and cost cutting?
The Kennels it is stated are sound proof - has any councillor or inspector made an effort to test this statement?
Sound testing equipment must surely be available to somebody in the council - after all how else are we to know if bars, nightclubs, etc, are not creating a disturbance?

Moreover, what level of sound is being set as the upper limit for the kennels?
It must be assumed that The Centro Canino requested and was at the time granted the “permisos” by Palma to establish themselves in their current location - if this is so, why are the “permisos” now being revoked?

Perhaps, we could have a statement from the person who granted them and the person who is now revoking them - explaining the facts?
It is a very sad fact but the majority of locals are not animal lovers . having said that we have our fair share of Vets - so there are those that apply due responsibility to their pets . (I now doubt if any of them are Palma Councillors)
This unfortunate situation reflects the sad state of affairs that in recent years has fallen these Islands -where the selected few ride rough shod over the ordinary people! The Centro is providing an excellent public service - why cannot the council just leave it be?

The Centro Canino has always attracted public awareness amongst the ex-pats but may they could attract much more especially amongst the Tourists - the majority of whom are British or German two great animal loving countries - then maybe the council would see the situation differently - how would that appear as an image of Majorca?

I sincerely trust that the councillors see sense and drop the whole issue for once and for all.............

Alan Morris


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