By Jason Moore
I have complained many times in this space that politicians appear to forget the people who voted for them after election day and only come knocking again a month before polling day. In the case of Majorca I have often said that the local political parties rather forget the non-Spanish European Union citizens after polling day. But the opposition Partido Popular, which has always been rather more forward thinking when it comes to non-Spanish voters than its counterparts has decided to create a new post within the party to deal with its non-Spanish voters. Rosa Estaras, the new leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics, told me that they would be talking with their non-Spanish councillors to discuss the new post. It is certainly a step forward and clearly underlines the fact that the Partido Popular are looking to increase their share of the so-called foreign vote. I suspect that other political parties will probably follow their leader. Estaras has a series of ideas and proposals which she will be presenting over the coming months. The new leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics says that she is confident that they are back on track after being defeated in the local elections and being knocked into second place in the general elections in the Balearics.


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