Dear Sir,
l IN his article “Stonehenge stalled” in the Letters to The Editor on Wednesday, 27 July, Ray Fleming is bemoaning the fact that there may not, after all, be an enormous amount of money spent to bury the busy A303 road in a tunnel in order to protect the Stonehenge area. Let me ask for whose benefit does he think it should be protected ? The general public aren't allowed to actually walk between the stones and there is very little in the way of facilities to allow them to get anywhere near the monument on foot and now we aren't even to have the pleasure of seeing the stones on our way to the West Country. I know the Majorcan government are seemingly trying to bury almost everything (helped by EU funding ?)but why should the English general public be expected to cough up the (estimated) enormous sum of 460 million pounds for something which, presumably, they own but are not allowed to enjoy ? My family have elderly relatives living in Dorset and when we have gone to visit them my children were always pleased to see Stonehenge as we passed by on the A303, as I'm sure are many other people. Why should we be made to pay to forgo this small pleasure and to what end? Mr Fleming concludes “Meanwhile the condition of Stonehenge is a disgrace to Britain”. I don't think too many of us who still live in England would agree.
Regards, Barry Emmott.


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