By Jason Moore
HAVE you noticed how immigrants are blamed for everything? In Majorca, they are criticised for overcrowding the island and in Britain, the government's failed immigration policy is being partly blamed for the London bomb attacks. I watched a debate on BBC1 on Thursday night and immigrants were once again in the spotlight. But why?
The four suicide bombers who attacked London on July 7, were British subjects, who had been born and bred in Britain. The police suspect that the other four bombers, who attempted to attack London two weeks later, are also British. So why are immigrants being blamed? There are allegedly 500'000 illegal immigrants in Britain at the moment and the government is under pressure to get tough. I think all this is doing is clouding the issue and taking the emphasis away from the fact that British nationals were willing to kill themselves and 50 of their fellow countrymen in a terrorism attack. This is what Britain should be asking itself not whether it has a failed immigration policy. The Confederation of British Business and its Spanish equivalent has said that both Spain and Britain need immigrant labour. Instead of being constantly criticised perhaps it would be a better idea if immigrants were welcomed with open arms because at the end of the day they are vital for the economy. There are many things the British government should be doing at the moment in the light of the attacks on London but putting all their energy into yet more legislation on immigration is not one of them. Bringing all communities in Britain together is far more important at the moment.


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