Dear Sir,

REGARDING “Fridays Viewpoint and Monitor” from Ray Fleming, on the former, whatever Miliband is saying, (or not saying) the Labour Government under Brown is between the rock and the hard place. MP's, whatever “noises” they make, are first and foremost out for their own personal interest and gains. Unless between now and 2010 (when an election must be called) a miracle happens, Labour will lose. The question all the Labour MP's and ministers are asking themselves at present is: “If another leads us, compared to Brown how badly will we lose?” If enough MP's think that with “another” leading them into an election they'll save their job, (some) and Brown will be out of his.

The suggestion that Brown could solve all his problems by in effect putting in a price control on electricity and gas (why not add petrol?) is just not practical, and I wonder if even legal under EU rules and laws. A windfall tax maybe, but that might drive U.K. based companies abroad, and whilst talking of such windfall taxes, with the extra billions the Government have made from the steep rise in petrol at the pump during the last 12 months in particular, why not pass that back to the motorist?

After all, it was not budgeted for in the first place, but has probably gone to plug all those “holes” like “Northern Rock”, re-imbursing the poorest whose 10p tax benefit was abolished, etc. etc. etc.. the list goes on. The best thing to end all this speculation is for Brown to call an election, thus putting himself and the country out of its misery.

Yours Sincerely,
Graham Phillips


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