By Humphrey Carter

THE extremely active and productive, not, Minister for Tourism Carlos Delgado has now come under pressure on the home front to sort his act out.
The Majorcan Chamber of Commerce want him to legislate in favour of residential tourism which continues to be a grey area with home owners never to sure whether they are breaking the law or not by renting out their properties.

The Chamber of Commerce claims that the lack of transparency and legislation is damaging the Balearics' ability to compete with other leading holiday destinations popular for holiday lets such as France and Italy.

What is more, the Chamber of Commerce has also pointed out to Delgado that residential tourism accounts for 45 percent of the foreign holiday market which must be taken into account before every one's favourite Minister introduces any more restrictions of holiday lets.

The Chamber of Commerce also pointed out that residential tourists are big spenders because they either have to eat out or shop and that restricting the market even further would cause further damage to the property sector.

While central government is trying to attract foreign investors into the housing market, many are seeing it as a business opportunity by renting out their properties as holiday homes, here Delgado wants to fly in the face of Madrid. Perhaps that is why no one pays him any attention.


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