Dear Sir, I have just read the letter/article about the sightseeing bus around Palma.
I assume Palma has jumped on the bandwagon of many towns and cities world wide regarding this.
I have to admit I have done these tours in Oxford, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, and most recently Barcelona and did wonder why Majorca didn't have the same! I know we can't do the same as Barcelona, as they have so much to see that there are 2 routes with one company, but I am sure Palma could give a worthy enough route and tour! OK, 13 euros might be a tad steep but maybe slightly lower down the scale and take people to see the REAL Palma and the history of the place! Make them want to go into the cathedral, see the back streets (in a safe manner), show them where the King and Queen holiday, where Miro lived, etc., etc.! Maybe even take them as far as Real Mallorca's ground and people can have a look and maybe wander around, ok it's not the Nou Camp (the highlight of my tour in Barcelona)! but people know about Real Mallorca thanks to programmes like the Dream Team and Football Focus, etc. Let people see there is more to Majorca than the lad/ladette culture of Magalluf. Many people like myself in Barcelona did the tour to see around the city so they could go back to places at a later date or 'learn' the layout. This way businesses do get revenue, as people see nice Cafes/bars, etc. from the bus and if they get off somewhere they might use it or if they think that looked nice they might go back especially for that. It does generate euros for the local community, honest! Go on a fact finding trip to Barcelona and see what I mean! I am proud of Majorca, stop knocking it, and support its enterprise! Regards
Susan Taylor


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