Dear Sir,
AS a visitor to Mallorca for the last twelve years it as become quite apparent to me that the indigenous mallorquin has developed a truly exceptional tolerance to the sometimes quite rude and anti-social attitudes of the visiting tourist. Fortunately this behaviour has not affected the normal relationships between the long time visitors and the local business fraternity. Whilst in Puerto de Soller this June my wife and I were invited to the pre opening celebrations of a local bar by the two young men who were previously employees of a pizzeria situated on the waterside. These young men had at all times during our past visits been incredibly friendly and exceptionally patient whilst we practised our totally inadequate Spanish. When we were invited to this inauguration at the Bar Bon Vi we did not expect to be given any more special treatment than any other casual visitor, but much to our surprise we were received in such a cordial manner and with such dignity that we felt that we must report this to someone,namely yourself , so that in the future you can quote this as an example of the kindness and civility which the mallorquin freely extends to all comers. Bye the way amongst all the guests we were the only British people present, whilst there were people from other European countries in large numbers I think this is a point worthy of deep consideration. We will be perusing the columns of your excellent publication again in September meanwhile thanks for the pleasure which you have given us over the past years.
Yours Sincerely,
Albert and Valerie Priestley.


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