Dear Sir, All inclusive has been here for years. There are different levels of “inclusive” that wear the bracelets, which you haven't pointed out. One colour is the B&B, then another for the H/B, and another for the all-in. This isn't news, its been here for a long time.

Simpson family
Dear Sir, Maybe it is about time that common sense prevails. It appears that the bars and restaurants for example are dying because of “all inclusive” deals in hotels, this is quite noticeable around the island.

It could be that the people who own second homes and rent them out may actually save the economy. Their guests are certainly “not inclusive” they visit the bars, hire cars, shop at supermarkets, the list goes on. The owners employ plumbers, gardeners, builders, electricians, I think you get the picture. Lets face it without this type of business the island's economy will die.

Sally Schofield
Dear Sir, Can anyone explain to me the benefit of refusing licences to holiday home owners to rent out their properties ........ please use simple language as I must be pretty dim not to understand this situation. Surely the government would benefit from the tax and licence fee generated. The local shops and bars would benefit due to the increase in business the restaurants would benefit, so can anyone please, please tell me why Majorca is so opposed to private letting of properties. Perhaps I am a cynic but could it be that the government is so in love with the hotel owners ( not Spanish companies in all cases) that they are prepared to sacrifice the prosperity of the island. France, Portugal and most other European countries rely on a network of available private lets. WHY is Majorca different! I would say corruption is never far from the doorstep of many government offices. Its how these departments deal with temptation that defines a government. The all inclusive is the death knell of tourism in Majorca, do they really want to turn Majorca into another Benidorm.

I Chapman


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