Dear Sir,
OVER the last 15 or more years, the authorities here in Majorca have followed a policy of encouraging a better quality of tourism and have actively discouraged the yobs, drunkards and “gamberros” (vandals).
It is nice to see from your report in today's edition regarding the early return to England of Mr. Prescott, that this policy is still being followed: full marks to all concerned.
David Robinson (one of Prescott's ex constituents).
Dear Sir,
SO, John Prescott has packed his tent and left Majorca earlier than planned, apparently due to British press/photographers “camped” on his doorstep. The thought of John Prescott being caught unawares on camera, heaven forbid topless, would be enought to turn anyone off their breakfast when turning to “page three”. More seriously, one would have thought that any politician who is normally acclaimed as ineffectual, holding a “grace and favour” position, and not considered seriously by the vast majority, would have enjoyed his fifteen minutes of fame by giving a Press meeting, and enjoyed some comments of various Brits here, (reported in the Majorca Daily Bulletin over the weekend) about Prescott being so negative and highly critical; these may have made him afraid of being asked the wrong/difficult questions. So where did he scurry off to? Probably a well-kept secret but an odds-on favourite could be Blackpool, where his basic likes and dislikes could be catered for, and he could blend anonomously into the crowds there. With all the really famous and interesting people who visit Majorca, his absence will not be noticed, the same really in the House of Commons.
Graham Phillips, Palma de Majorca.


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