Dear Sir,
The “happy cloud” resulting from 11 tons of marijuana being sent up in smoke by the authorities recently could not have reached that part of the island where David Lee lives! His continuous rhetoric against all Arabs, Ray Fleming, and anyone who does not agree with his sometimes wild views is bordering on the hysterical. Unless it was a printing error, I would really like to know exactly how many, in which country, in which year of the last ten he states “Muslims have killed over one million Christians...” We do know however that Israelis have killed Muslims at an approx ratio of ten Arabs for each Jew and this excess of killing was emphasised last Sunday with the bombing in Qana (Lebanon) killing scores of civilians in a building where they sought shelter; again, many victims being children. This incidentlly is a repeat of what happened ten years past, when the Israelis bombed in that same village, a United Nations refuge centre, killing 100.
These atrocities (and that is what they are) are condemned by every nation except the US. With the military might and huge superiority the Israelis have, they should be able to locate the Hizbolla with ground troops, comandos, parachutists, etc, and winkle them out, not bomb in the hope of catching the few amongst the many. Seventeen tons of explosive dropped recently on a Mosque -- that's not excessive?
One thing that puzzles me, is the continued “blind” dogmatic support the US gives Israel. In years past, it was thought/said that the Jewish vote in the US made Presidents support Israel, as well as large election campaign contributions from Jewish Americans. Well, since Israel was formed the US have given them in aid or grants some 100 billions of dollars -tidy sum for the US taxpayers, and today, for what? Israel does not have oil (as did Kuwait), large numbers of Muslims emigrating to the US whose vote will soon have significance and all the problems in the Middle East revolved around Israel, which in turn comes back to the US. Yes, Israel is beleaguered by Arab nations, but they do not help their position by retaining land that is not theirs, creating settlements, and treating the Gaza Strip as if it were a “Red Indian reservation”; i.e., tolerated, controlled and punished severely whenever thought necessary.
One has to wonder at times if Israel really wants a total peace.
Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips, Palma.


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