Dear Sir

I AM not surprised at the article on Sunday August 3rd. Since coming here in May 2007 I find that shop assistants do not want to sell you anything! They stand around and chat to each other and on several occasions I thought I had become invisible. Maybe this is just reserved for foreigners?
Most shop workers are rude (when they speak) and unhelpful.
There is no concept of customer care, to the point that on one occasion when I asked if they could call me when the item I wanted to purchase came back into stock, I was told , “well you keep ringing us and we will tell you if it is here!” When asked if they could put one aside for me, I was told no you just come here when they are here and we will sell you one! Is it any wonder sales are down - they don't try - and don't want to try either! Shop owners and workers must wake up and actually provide a service, not just to be adornments to the shop.
In this economic climate they must try harder to sell not just complain of lack of sales.

Yours sincerely,
John Layton
Ses Covetes


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