By Humphrey Carter

Itis Gibraltar all over again. Admittedly, it has been brewing for most of this year with a string of isolated incidents carried out by the Spanish authorities and now Spain has managed to do the worst possible, thing, get a UKIP MEP involved. At a time when Spain is gripped by the highest rate of unemployment in the Western world and with little or no sign of the problem getting any better, Gibraltar employs hundreds of Spaniards who cross the border every day, does Spain want them to lose their jobs?

Spanish fishermen are annoyed about the construction of an artificial reef in Gibraltar's waters, tough, they are going to have to live with it.
Gibraltar has belonged to the UK for 300 years, it could have been Minorca instead, and it is not going to be given back to Spain even if Spain goes ahead by closing air space to complicate flights to The Rock and charge people 50 euros to cross the border - is Spain that desperate for money?

It has just done a nice deal with Argentina selling the South American country a fleet of Mirage F1 fighter planes which could be used to seriously threaten the Falklands, thanks again Spain.

In times of crisis, like the one gripping Southern Europe in particular, surely European Union members states should be working closer together, not winding each other up.

How about Britain banning tourists from coming to Spain?


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