Dear Sir, May I add a further mariner's moan to the recent correspondence about sailing around this beautiful island. We have just visited Santa Ponsa, lovely bay, no moorings, free anchorage - so far, so good. We dinghied ashore to have a drink, do a big supermarket shop, have our hair cut and eat at one of the many restaurants - probably spending E150-200 in the process. A charming young beach attendant came to our dinghy and told us we are only allowed to stay on the beach for 15 minutes, not long enough for any of the above. We asked what was the rationale for this, he said he was just doing his job...

We always follow the dinghy lane, we row in the last part just in case anyone is swimming in the wrong place, we pull the dinghy out of anyone's way and this is the only means we have to get ashore and spend money. A bouquet to Palma Nova where there are many dinghy lanes and the beach attendants even keep an eye out for us. The smaller beach of Camp de Mar is the same.

A far greater problem, however, for the tourism on this island generally is the amount of rubbish we are seeing in the sea. One morning in Portals Vells we were about to dive in for our early morning dip when we noticed the entire bay was full of everything from faeces to plastic bottles, utterly revolting. We left and it was some distance before we were out of this sea of debris. This is not the only occasion and it is serious.

Yours faithfully, Jane Lazenby

Dear Sir, All this hoo-ha about umpiring reminds me of when I was at prep school many years ago. The batsmen was struck on the pads and although I was fielding at square leg. I appealed for LBW. Unfortunately the square leg umpire was the headmaster. “See me after the game,” he said. He wielded the cane for my behaving in a way which was “not cricket”. I didn't do it again.

Yours etc
Nicholas Carter


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