Dear Sir,

I READ with surprsie the letter from M.Irving, of Portals Nous. Which website did he look at when seeking tickets for the Julio Iglesias concert?

I searched today on the well known Servi Caixa, through which I buy the majority of my concert tickets (I am well known in this area as I go to some event almost each week in Majorca!)

The Iglesias concert, to date (6th of August) has only sold some 50/60 tickets out of 1609, (and as M. Irving suggests, and is correct in this aspect, the majority are for local government, as gifts to friends!)

I was at both the ballet in the auditorium last Saturday and the Diana Krall concert, where I met many more event-going friends, who have decided to boycott the abusive prices of the Iglesias concert. (Diana Krall front row tickets were only 90 euros, and she is a current worldwide jazz artist with some 4'000 seats sold in the Palma Arena.)

I love to welcome big names in Palma but only with prices on a par with other European major cities.

The El Mundo newspaper yesterday published a price list of the Iglesias entrance costs both in the rest of Spain during his tour, and the USA. We must be taken for wealthy “suckers” here, as in Spain the cost varied between 32 and 310 euros, and in the USA $50 and $60!!!!

Come on promoters, is Julio Iglesias building up his pension fund mainly in Majorca?

If the prices don't come down for this particular concert, will they have to cancel it?

Yours sincerely,
Yvonne C. Cotten,


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