By Humphrey Carter

This week Palma City Council unveiled plans to ban people from walking around the city centre and key tourist attractions in either their swim wear or wearing no T-shirt or shirt. I think that it is a very sensible move and one that other cities around the world have already taken. How it will be enforced however, remains to be seen but I am sure fellow holiday makers and residents will appreciate not having to jostle with sweaty bear chested tourists as they go about their business. I remember some years back, I was in a bar just behind my office having the daily morning editorial meeting when three British lads walked in with no T-shirts on. The bar owner kicked them out immediately - much to the lads' surprise. It may be the done thing in the resorts, but it certainly is not in Palma where most people are busy working. But, while that may help to improve the city's image, the dreadful state of the capital's streets is not. It is very difficult to enjoy the sights of Palma when wearing open shoes because you have to be so careful watching the ground and what you may step in. And the mountains of rubbish on street corners are unlikely to feature in holiday photo albums.

Recently, the placing of waste bins in the city centre was revised, or rather the numbers reduced, so the mountains of waste are even bigger than before.

So, Palma has two more problems to deal with, one sounds good while not vital, but the other can not be swept under the carpet.


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