Dear Sir,
Re: “War on Terror” RAY Fleming in his usual Guardianista anti-American mode, turns on Mr. Bush, Mr. Rumsfeld, and the Generals for daring to employ different phraseology in describing the war or struggle against terrorism, though in truth they mean the same. Mr. Fleming seems to think that there is a way of defeating terrorists with “other means” than war. What, he does not say. Well, I venture to suggest that these people are impervious to any rational discussion. In fact, one might as well talk to a brick wall. They are, in short, a bunch of fanatical Islamic fundamentalists, who are bent on foisting their beliefs on those who they call infidels. To do so they have instituted a Jihad, a “Holy” War that with the aid of brain-washed youths who become suicide bombers with the promise of Paradise when they have blown themselves to bits together with any of the aforesaid infidels they can murder. Mr. Fleming, I reiterate ,only unremitting war and destruction of these atrocious barbarians is possible. As someone once said in another context THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE.
Phil Green, Son Ferrer.
Dear Sir,
Re: Traffic Laws
ALL these new laws are POSITIVE for us, and about time too! The “negative” side is only for the lawbreakers...
Having had some hair-raising trips in “daredevil” cabs over the years, including via the Cintura “racetrack”, my wife and I nowadays get a rental car from the airport. At least we then have some control over OUR transport during our stay, ALWAYS using our seatbelts, keeping well within the speed limit and being in a taxed-and-insured vehicle. Now for the enforcement of that non-smoking law. Cough! Cough! We'll be noticing when we return, for our third visit this year, next month.
Hasta septiembre!
Richard & Jennifer Harding, Oxford


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