Dear Sir, I AM writing to express my astonishment at the publication of the letter submitted to your paper on Tuesday, 31st July, written by Kevin Brewer.
Mr Brewer implies that “Minorca lacks the facilities to attract quality tourism”. Mr Brewer clearly is a golfer as he mentions the word five times and this it seems, in his opinion, is where the island should be developing its quality tourism.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, what I find sad is that he refers to “quality tourism” in relation to golf and dismisses the families who come here year after year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the sailing, windsurfing, the walking and the wonderful restaurants that serve food produced locally and wines from Minorca's vineyards!! In addition, to dismiss the night markets! These are local events that display and sell artesan goods, accompanied by music, recitals, concerts etc. that depict the Minorcan culture and are enjoyed by residents and visitors.

Our family has been coming to the island for 28 years, first as tourists, then as property owners and now we are permanent residents.
We contribute to the community, speak Spanish and have many lovely friends, both English and Minorcan and we have never played a game of golf! So, according to Mr Brewer we are not at the quality end of the market!! Patricia Bromwich, Alaior, Minorca


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