As a frequent visitor to Majorca and property owner for over 30 years, I like so many others are amazed at how expensive eating out has become.
When I consider that many of the better restaurants offer fantastic quality and value for money, by way of their “menu del dia”, I fail to understand why the price for exactly the same quality and quantity in the evening, should multiply by as much as 4 fold!! I understand the economic reasons for a nominal increase between lunchtime and evening, however, 4 fold does not make sense.
I am sure few diners would object to paying a cover charge along with water and wine being at an additional cost, for the priviledge of dining out in the evening.

My main concern is with so many people avoiding the restaurants in the evening, many of the better establishments will ultimately fail.
How sad to see more closures further adding to unemployment figure currently running at over 20%.
Please remember that people have choices. It is unlikely that tourists will return year after year if they feel they are being taken advantage of.
Car rental, taxis etc are another area of concern. The average rental cost for a mid range car is a staggering 250-300 euros a week, added to the fact that the pound is quite low, it is no surprise that the island is struggling.

Surely this is the time to embrace tourism and not “kill the goose” that for so many years has laid the golden egg !! Stephen Falk
Santa Ponsa

DEAR SIR, ONCE again Ray Fleming's slavishly left wing attitude colours what would have been an interesting editorial piece. His assertion that the focus groups set up by the previous Labour government were by definition good and shaped government policy is total bunkum.

What they did shape was what the government said, not what it did. We've just escaped from the most hideous 13 years of spin, deception and misrepresentation by a bunch of left wing politicians who brought our country to the verge of bankruptcy.


Mike Walker


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