Dear Sir, I am SO disappointed that, for the first time in some dozen years of living on Majorca, I have been well and truly ripped off! Picture a late afternoon walk past the Cathedral in Palma, showing the city sights to family. We are all thirsty so we turn from the Paseo, towards the Borne and walk along the line of bar/restaurants touting for business. Yes, a tourist area but I have had drinks and snacks here in the past, paying only a small premium for the prime position. Lemonades ordered, with a large one offered and accepted for the strapping teenager. Drinks come out in half litre glasses, with a full litre of lemonade for our teenager! We laughed and, with a little embarrassment, got into a funny photo session with the extra long straws brought out with the drinks. Family pay the bill while I am using the facilities. Imagine my horror when told the litre of lemonade cost €10.50! I did not get a full view of the bill although a quick glance told me that a water cost over 3€ and half litres of lemonade over 5€. I feel well andtrulyrippedoff!Be warned.... what a disappointment that this is a negative impression of Palma which my family will remember, instead of the fabulous meal we had later on that day (a plate of delicious ‘Mallorquin' lamb cost less than that lemonade!).

Dawn Archer


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