Dear Sirs, FURTHER to my letter to you, published in the Daily Bulletin on 31st July, suggesting that the construction of golf courses would boost off season tourism in Minorca I was surprised by the response from Mrs P Bromwich (Letter to the Editor, Saturday 4th August), who wants things left as they are particularly as she doesnt play golf. Her NIMBY attitude will not help struggling businesses on the island that have little off peak tourism.

I agree with Mrs Bromwich that the island is exceptional for summer holidays, and is probably one of the best locations in Europe for such holidays. Mrs Bromwich misses the point that bucket and spade package holidays are almost defunct and people now make their own arrangments and as such Minorca lacks an off season trade. Mrs Bromwich did not offer any suggestions of her own but simply ridiculed my idea without reason. There are in fact 9 million European golfers and Minorca attracts acts none of this wealthy market since it does not have the facilities ie courses it needs. Minorca chases 10 tourists with 20 euros a day to spend rather than the one with 200 euros a day to spend. The island has lost many well heeled property owners and celebrities because it lacks the very facilities I mention. I have no doubt that Mrs Bromwich is one of those ex-pats who complains about the high cost of peak season flights without thinking that flights are more than half empty in off season and therefore the airlines must recoup their losses . Without shoulder season tourism there will always be expensive high season flight costs - that is basic economics, so Minorca is in a “Catch 22” situation.

Despite bringing in many tourists and new visitors it has taken the Minorca Cricket Club 20 years to overcome objections and achieve legal status so I look forward to 2027 when the island might get a much needed second golf course! I hope the local businesses can last that long.

Kevin Brewer, Son Tomeu, Minorca

Dear Sir, YOUR article on Saturday, 4th August, stated that there are now just over 5'000 foreigners without employment in the Balearics with the majority coming from countries outside the European Union. The question I am asking is why are these non-EU members able to claim benefit at all. It is possible that a majority are here illegally.

This is the problem in Great Britain which has caused such a drain on the resources of the country because everybody who enters the country, illegally or not, is handed over to the Social Services to be funded by the State, costing the tax payers more money.

Does Spain really want to go down that same road, I hope not.
C. Crane (by e.mail)


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