By Jason Moore
THE peace and tranquility of this beautiful island has been shaken again with three bomb attacks all in Palma. Police suspect that the bombs were planted by the Basque terror group ETA who yesterday claimed responsibility for the murder of two young Civil Guard officers in Palmanova 10 days ago. Yesterday´s bomb attacks made headline news across Europe and the British media were already warning of travel delays for those who were travelling to Majorca. Until the bombers are caught we can expect more security checks and a much greater police presence on our streets. The first job of the security services at the moment is to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice. The Balearic government must also ensure that the general public , including tourists, are well informed of all developments. This is a very difficult time for Majorca and everyone must work together to ensure that the terrorists are not successful in their aim, to bring Majorca to a standstill. Thankfully, this island has many loyal tourists and life must continue as normal. This is a fantastic place and we mustn´t let the terrorists win.


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