Dear Sir, Yet another letter to the Daily Bulletin yesterday to complain about extortionate prices in bars and cafes. The answer is simple - stay away from tourist hot spots or at least check the price before ordering. Majorca is not just tourist resorts, there is a whole island waiting to be discovered and bar owners who would be delighted to have your custom. Last night at the start of our fiesta here in Porreres, at one of our local cafe bars, we had three generous glasses of a fairly decent Rosado plus one beer - total cost 6 euros! And they say that Majorca is expensive! Best wishes
Annie Sofiano

Dear Sir, The “Bongo Bongo land” furore brings back memories of the time some years ago when the English cricket team was touring India. The Indians were captained by the Maharajah of Patiala. At lunch, Fred Truman, a true , straight talking Yorkshireman, leant over and said to the Maharajah,“ pass the salt please, Gunga Din”. This was of course long before the deadening influence of PC, race relations phobia, leftie TV, so nobody went blue in the face or wrote to their MP. The Maharajah without batting an eyelid passed the salt. “Ta” said Fred. Today there would be strident outcries from sociologists, “insult to all Indians”, and the rest when in fact nobody gave it a thought..

Yours etc
Nicholas Carter


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