By Jason Moore

YOU would have thought that during a time of deep recession bar and restaurant staff would make a greater effort towards their clients. I am sad to have to report that I have found that levels of service have actually fallen. On two occasions I ordered a glass of wine which arrived after the main course despite the fact that both had been ordered at the same time! Incredible. On another occasion I ordered two dishes but only one arrived and on another my order was completely forgotten. Now, I speak fluent Spanish, heaven knows what would have happened to a tourist who couldn´t speak the language and therefore take the appropriate action. It is quite amazing. Also, I have found that many restaurants have rather hidden prices. Glasses of wine have become extremely expensive, I have paid as much as 3.50 euros for half a glass of house red. Prices for food remain high. I got the impression that many of the restaurants that I visited had cut spending on staff, replacing more veteran and experienced waiters with those with no training. This can be an expensive mistake. I will not be returning to any of the restaurants, where I endured poor service. I made no complaint to the staff or the owner, I have just put a cross by the name of the restaurant and will never return. For me good service is almost as important as the quality of the food. In these hard times it is important that both residents and tourists enjoy quality service.


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