DEAR SIR, ON reading the article on David Beckham and Real Madrid by Matthew O'Connor (Saturday's paper), I would just like to ask what part of cloud cuckoo land he is living in? When mentioning the up and coming game of RCD Mallorca against Real Madrid in the final of the Super Cup he believes the prices for the game are “extortionate” and if Mallorca officials want more people to watch the regular games then they should not take advantage of the fans on their pricing for these games! Let's put this into perspective, you can get a ticket for 35 euros to watch the best team in world football in one of Spain's domestic cup finals! To any tourists reading this is the equivalent of 25 pounds. Previously when living in England I would have to pay 15 pounds to watch Peterborough United to play the likes of Cheltenham Town, yet apparently the fans here in Spain are getting taken advantage of! If they are so called fans that are being ripped off for this game why have they not bought a season ticket like the rest of the real fans! A child's season ticket costs 90 euros and an adults 240 euros, this includes every game at home in La Liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA cup and this Super Cup final against Real Madrid, And I don't know if it has escaped Mr O'Conner's attention as he is obviously a true fan but RCD Mallorca paid for everyone's ticket for the final of the Copa Del Rey! Can you imagine Arsenal not charging their fans for a ticket to watch the FA Cup final at the Millenium Stadium! (I don't think so)
I don't know if it's just me but I think the only real way a football club can make money is success on the field so good luck to them because they are obviously not making much money from season tickets because they are so cheap! That is why in England the FA cup is so good because it gives the chance to the smaller clubs to draw a bigger club and reap the rewards financially. Let's just be grateful that we will have more than one chance to see this dream team here on the island! A final word for Matthew is if he wants a scarf of his local team to wear round his or his son's (if he has one) neck, he can get one from the shop at the Son Moix. If he has a season ticket he will also get 50% off! However for the other true fans I'm afraid they don't have any Real Madrid shirts with Beckham's name on! You will have to look around In Madrid or back in Manchester for those! Yours sincerely
Joel Dowland


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