Dear Sir,

REAL Mallorca 08/09 are due to be presented to the fans on Thursday night (14th Aug) at the ONO stadium when they play Dutch champions PSV Eindhoven, kick off 10 p.m. With season ticket sales at the moment hovering around 10'000 it would be a great idea to emulate what's happening at the Bejing Olympics.

There, they've started “cheer squads,“ bussing in thousands of people to fill up half-empty venues and create more atmosphere. What a fantastic concept and one that could well work with the fickle Mallorcan footballing public. As an incentive, free culinary delicacies from the extensive ONO menu could be provided.

Some of the items available are the biggest chocolate wagon wheels in La Liga, juicy, grease-free hot dogs - and the ubiquitous pipas, the Spanish football supporters' equivalent to pies. Señor Davidson could take the idea on board when his imminent purchase of the club comes to fruition very soon.
Visca Mallorca! Monro Bryce

Dear Sir,

I HAVE now been living on the island for over 5 years and one thing that has always annoyed me is the postal service. Bills turn up on time, but birthday cards, Christmas cards, letters from my family always go missing. My mother, bless her heart, sends cheques for presents and they rarely arrive. I tell her not to do this but you know what Mothers are like. My son sends cards, they never arrive. I remember that a few years back they found that the postal staff in Madrid were stealing mail, well they look like they are doing it again. Opening card to see if there is any money in them. Please publish this letter in the hope that Correos or the government read this or some newcomer to the island reads this and learns from my mistakes.
Nigel Stack


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