I REALLY must comment on the current mass of large cruise ships visiting the port of Palma. There is only one word and that is wonderful! I have written before, during the Spring time, stating that the cruise industry would help to feed the starving “holiday trade” on this Island.
Perhaps not all embracing but we must see this as very positive plus the more terminals and big ship mooring facilities the port has the better.
However after I submitted my piece to the Editorial stating all the benefits, I recall reading a response from a local resident and frequent contributor dismissing the whole cruise ship income as “not worth anything much”.

I read both local Spanish and British publications, and last week, devoted 2 pages to comments and interviews with both cruisers and business owners. There was not a bad comment amongst them! Some of the ships had passenger capacities of 2500/3000, not counting crews.! One lady commented that her ship had “emptied” as Palma was “star port” in their itinerary.
It was estimated by the port authorities, that there had been around 21.000 passengers on the Island.; the size of some Majorcan towns! I witnessed the crews, in the Porto Pi centre shopping for their sundries (these such as shampoo and camera accessories, sweets not supplied in their keep).

The taxi drivers had reported that they had the best day of the summer.
Even if only one third of the passengers, took tours, using local buses and guides, many more would have opted to look at the shops and purchase a refreshment.

The port had been paid handsomely in mooring and pilots fees .
Some stocks would have gone on board (even though many of these ships are autonomous)
In other words this has been very profitable for the island and the advertising could not have been more “real” than seeing the beauty of the places.
This is “free” advertising, not having costs us Rafael Nadal or the Tourist board anything, it could well encourage some of those 21.000 visitors back for a short break! Let us not decry the cruise ships they may be here for only a day BUT THEY ARE HERE!!!! and that is exactly what the island needs.

Yvonne cotton


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