Dear Sir,

The enormous increase in the numbers of high powered Jet Skies whizzing dangerously between innocent children and holiday makers attempting to enjoy their holidays at the seaside is mind boggling ! How long before we have a number of tragic accidents where some child is decapitated or some unfortunate swimmer maimed for life ?
I have seen young children trying to drive these machines ( with Daddy's proud encouraging approval ) whereby, because of their small stature and lack of strength, they are totally blind to the area directly in front of their speeding potential killer Jet Ski .

Then Teenage brother takes over and piles three girls on the back and roars off between those lucky enough to get out of his showoff way .
Why no licence, age limit , identity number , designated area minimum 300 metres from buoys beaches, anchorages ?
Get the Majorcan Government to legislate now against this madness and help to keep this idyllic Island safe for it's residents and tourists .
Yours etc
John Hynes, ( Tourist from Ireland )

Dear Sir,

I lived on Majorca for 20 years and always took the Bulletin and admired Jason Moore's abilities as editor,however I read with dismay his letter re-poor service in two establishments, not the fact that the service was sub-standard but the fact that he did not complain!!.Having been in the Bar/Restaurant industry for a very long time,30 years I told guests “if you are happy with our product and service,tell your friends,if not then tell me”that way there's a good chance of rectifying any errors.I seems Jason's got it the wrong way round.

Regards from Thailand,

Gerry and Myra. Thailand


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