WHILST August is considered the “silly season” for any reports regarding serious news items, several of last weeks articles deserve more careful inspection.

Whilst reporting that local government had given 66'000 euros for local children to be able to visit cinemas to improve their knowledge/use of Catalan, it was also reported that IB-Salut (dept. of health) “would be unable to meet its financial obligations to the pharmaceutical industry, for medicines already provided” and that unless “Hacienda” intervened from October, there was no money at all! Yet again, both reports highlight the fact, that there are those in post in local government who are unable and totally unqualified to do the job to which they were appointed. In any other profession these people would have been sacked but here it seems failure and mismanagement are rewarded by being allowed to remain in post and to continue to play games with our hard earned cash.

Anyone who thought 2009/2010 was a bad year, should brace themselves for 2010/2011. We have in post a local government that fails/refuses to recognise that there is a problem with its main source of income ie. the tourist industry (their latest promotional idea for “UK” being a case of too little, too late and shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted).

As for their ideas for future tourism, anyone who thinks a 35% reduction in available beds for the Playa de Palma is progress, hasn't done any simple arithmetic ie: 38% bed reduction means at least 38% job reduction. The present budget for Playa de Palma stands at 1'200 million euros with no money at present, on the table. Sra Najera and her cronies are being paid inflated salaries, for a pipe dream exercise. Also did anyone else notice that whilst the official language for all town hall/local government business is meant to be Catalan, Sra Najera's presentation was entirely in Castellano, ie. no change from when she was Mayoress of Calvia and she promised to learn Catalan, perhaps she should avail herself of the free visits to the cinema?

Yours sincerely,

M. Irving
Portals Nous


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