Dear Sir,

Full marks to the Times printing the photos of the looters destroying their own communities. Full marks to those riot torn communities pulling together this coming weekend to show solidarity with one another.

I remember seeing photos of collaborators in Paris following the Second World War being humiliated by their communities with women and men having their heads shaven in public.

Perhaps some good old fashioned humiliation by the tax payers who pay for young people's free education, free health provision (and in many cases free housing) might go some way towards mitigating their loss of property, businesses and possessions.

Without tax payers the young might have something to complain about - since they would have none of the benefits tax payers provide. Maybe a couple of months in worn-torn and starving North Africa might, as my Grandmother would say, kill or cure them! Andy Pratt

Dear Sir, I am staying at my house in Camp de Mar after not having been to Majorca since last year. I have been extemely impressed with the new look Bulletin. I miss it when I go back to the UK, but may subscribe to the new App as this will help me keep up to speed with things in my fantastic second homeland. Sorry that you didn't change the all important “Majorca” to Mallorca Daily Bulletin. Andrew Ede's excellent article on the image of Mallorca on 10 August said it all and I feel that most people in the know consider the island to be Mallorca and not Madge-orca! Trevor Hosking


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