Dear Sirs,
THE recent “scandal” in Calvia regarding the resignation of the councillor, Joan Thomas from the United Mallorquin party highlights how far this, and the socialist party are from the people. Both parties have called for the resignation of the now independent councillor despite the fact that he is apparently doing a good job as a councillor. Recently the UM have published and distributed a leaflet calling Joan Thomas a “traitor” and accusing the PP of “prostituting the democratic system”. It goes on in rabid fashion to say that the mayor, Carlos Delgado “has no scruples”, is involved in “political corruption”, it's a “disgrace to the majority of Calvia citizens” etc, etc, blah, blah! In a recent survey, 54.8% of Calvia citizens support the recent decision (25.2% opposed with 20% undecided) to finally include Hßbitat Golf Santa Pona within Calvia. This decision by Calvia council was one of the reasons why Thomas felt he had to leave the UM party as they opposed it and he felt that it's inclusion was for the good of Calvaniers. It is pretty obvious by their reaction that the UM believes in minority rule and not democracy as it should be remembered that they (at the last elections) polled less than 10% of the Mallorcan vote. However by the electoral rules they seem to have more sway than the electorate wished them to have. Perhaps come the next elections the electorate will remember this episode of “politics before the people”!
John Rule Sol de Mallorca, Calvia.


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