Dear Editor, I REFER to your article regarding the “busy weekend” at Son San Joan Airport and the amount of planes that will be using the airport.
Let me tell you about the other side of this matter. I live in Coll d'en Rabassa and for many months of the year, it is impossible to enjoy the use of the garden due to the deafening sound of the aircraft taking off.

I might add that this has increased immensely since we moved here. It does not allow for conversation or even answering a telephone call, especially if sitting outside when there is only one or two minutes between aircraft take-offs.

During the night, it is impossible to sleep with the windows open because the flights go on right through the night. In the winter, even with the windows closed tight, the aircraft are taking off and there is one particlularly noisy aircraft that takes off about 5 am in the morning. We hardly ever have a full night's sleep.

I fully support the environmentalists in the opposition to the extension of the airport and would actively oppose any such plan. Whatever happened to the much vaunted and advertised AENA scheme for double glazing the houses near the airport when companies were setting up offices etcetera, and sending representatives around the houses to get you to sign with them for the double glazing. The last plan showed there was only one house in this area that was eligible for this.

I would be interested to hear AENA's side of this saga.
J Crane (by e-mail)


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