By Jason Moore

I still can't understand why Spain would risk a major diplomatic spat with a close European ally, such as Britain, over Gibraltar. I thought the European Union was meant to bring nations closer together and disputes could be resolved easily and quickly. But the Spanish government is seriously looking at introducing a 50 euro levy for anyone leaving the “Rock” and a series of other penalities. All this from a country which says that it is a friend of Britain. I am amazed that Spain is putting the Gibraltar spat ahead of its relations with Britain. I don't really understand why the Spanish government has taken this attitude , it seems completely senseless to me and it could have serious consequences. I sincerely hope that Spain will see sense and end these ridiculous checks at the border. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may have managed to divert people's attention away from more pressing domestic issues but it risks damaging Anglo-British relations. Spain needs Britain, more than Britain needs Spain.


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