LAST evening I spent a very enjoyable time in the Portixol area. Lots of people, brass band, great atmosphere for the Assumption of the Virgin. I like thousands of others stood staring out to sea for some considerable time awaiting a firework display. I noted a ship was moored, which I thought would be the platform for the display. But nothing happened, and everybody moved on.

The same thing happened on New Year's Eve. Great atmosphere, but no fireworks. Does Majorca not “do” fireworks? On these two special evenings I have been in France and Italy, and the displays have been fantastic. Might I have been in the wrong place?

Sincerely, Derek Brampton


I FIND Mr Moore's logic for “chang(ing) the system” a little difficult to follow in that he says 47% favor PP, he seems to be ignoring the other side of the coin where 53% rejected the then current PP-UM coalition.

While putting down corruption of UM in the current government, he is ignoring that most of it started while UM was in a PP-UM coalition, and, judging by the indictments, PP corruption is as bad as, if not worse then that of UM: Matas, De Santos, Palaceta, Arena, million euro playground apparatus, opera house, railway problems, and the current problem with the palace of congress, all of which were problems started under PP.

There is nothing inherently wrong with coalition governments in that they keep one party's power structure from producing a dictatorship.
Richard Goss


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