Dear Sir,

It's a shame that the British kids can't just have fun, music, dancing and foam.. no riots, looting or fires, just old fashioned fun. What a fabulous fiesta and fun to watch!

Lee New

Portals Nous

Dear Sir,

Stephen Games letter to the Guardian, reproduced in Mallorca Daily Bulletin, on the current riots in UK, makes no attempt to discover the root of the problem.

Every problem has a beginning. In this case the first is lack of parental control & second is poor education.
These young men, women & children leave school, with poor attendance records & no qualifications for any job.
Why? Because parents do not exercise their duty to become involved in their child's education, & many teachers in primary schools are quite inadequate for their chosen profession. These riots were “political” only to the point whereby anarchists seized the opportunity to make them so. The looters, by & large, are too illiterate to think politics.

They are uneducated & their parents & the education system has failed them.
I do not profess to know how to tackle the parents but the teacher problem is simple.
A drastic investigation into individual primary school teachers abilities, sack those that do not pass rigorous standards & seek aspiring replacements from the vast numbers of unemployed.

Yours faithfully
Leslie Watson
Puerto Pollensa


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