IN response to Mr Jay D'arcy's letter in yesterday's Bulletin, I would like to ask him where did he pay 3 euros for a cup of coffee and 6.10 euros for two “very small bottles of water”.

I am sorry, I know that Majorca is not as cheap as it was a few years ago and that some people do take advantage of tourists but I have travelled all over the island and the prices for coffee ranges between 1.40 euros and 2.50 if it is a smart place, with the average being 1.60 euros.

Being Spanish myself it makes me angry as this is the kind of negative publicity that gives Majorca a bad image. I have travelled to England and I had to pay 10 pounds for a bottle of wine that costs me 3.50 euros here, more than 50 Pounds for a carton of cigarettes that costs me 34 euros here and I could go on.

Unless you had your coffee and water on the terrace of one of the island's five star hotels, I find it very hard to believe that a place exists in Majorca charging those prices.

Urbano Gutierrez


I read with interest Stewart & Anne Aitken letter regarding the price of food on Majorca. I suppose it's difficult for a small restaurateur to make a decent profit in the small tourist window that now appears to exist on the island.

Having said that and having run my own business for many years there is never any excuse for poor quality or service. One presumes that had they been happy with their meal they would have returned. Such is the essence of good business.

On the subject of prices they are quite correct in what they say about the prices of food in the UK. Where we live there is almost a price war. A large pub chain have just turned an old fire station here into a very nice modern pub with a very pleasant environment.

The cost of the transformation I believe to be around one million pounds. They are able to offer two main meals for 6.95 sterling for the two. Of course no starters or drinks in that price.

The meals such as a seafood platter are served on a 12” plate and whilst they are not Michelin style meals they are more than adequate. Their volume of throughput, which is considerable, obviously making them the profit. If you want a slightly better quality meal most places offer two simple mains for 10.00 sterling.

I hope the “window” that I mentioned can be made larger. Surely the island doesn't have to shut up shop for the majority of the year. There are many winter holiday breaks available here and hoteliers are trying very hard. I've said before it's a wonderful island. It just needs a bit of decent marketing and getting away from the presumption that tourists are always going to come.

I'm pleased to see the awful bombing doesn't appear to have effected trade.

Stuart Allsop


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