By Jason Moore

IS it cheaper to live in Britain or Majorca? I have heard this discussion for as long as I can remember in Majorca and I would say that these days, as a result in the slide in value of the pound sterling against the euro, it is probably cheaper in the United Kingdom. I have been quite amazed at some of the prices being charged in Majorca this summer, tres euros for a small beer, seven euros for a sandwich, the list goes on. You get the impression that many business owners have just increased their prices to offset the drop in takings. Food shopping, except fresh fruit and alcohol, I would say is cheaper in Britain. In London earlier this month a dinner for five people cost the same as one for two in Majorca! Now, I am talking London, which is one of the most expensive places in Britain. Tourists from cheaper areas of the United Kingdom or even elsewhere in Europe, must be horrified by some of the prices being charged in the centre of Palma. I have said this many times in this space but I do believe that a form of price control should be introduced because some of the prices are quite scandalous. It comes at a time when the majority of tourists who come to the island are on a budget and need to save as much money as possible. This is probably one of the reasons why all inclusive holidays are proving so popular. Unless something is done about the prices on this island I think the local economy will continue to suffer. One thing is a fair price, another is a rip-off.


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