Dear Sir,
I have recently returned from yet another fantastic holiday on your wonderful Island. As I wrote in a letter which was published in your paper dated May 31st 2005, I am a frequent visitor, and will continue to be such for (hopefully ) many years to come. Over the years I have obviously seen very many changes, including many price changes. The biggest and probably the worst change is the introduction of “all inclusive” holidays, Graham Phillips made a good point in the June 11th issue! Whilst you may attract more tourists it will not be good for your economy. My wife and I are lucky enough to be able to afford to use restuarants and tapas bars, and indeed this is a very important part of our holiday. However I do feel that the cost has increased which does not mean that I and others will stop visiting, but the establishments that we use seem to be getting quietter which means that it is that much more difficult for them to compete on a level playing field, not a good situation! What is certainly not good for the reputation of the Island is the quality that is on offer to all inclusive clients. As my wife and I are sitting on the beach at Alcudia we hear many comments and normally just mind our own business and say nothing. The comments are normally about the state of the beach (close to the Marina) which personally I do feel could be a little better. However most of the comments this year were about the food ect that was available at all inclusive Hotels, with a lot of visitors thinking that this is the norm. I actually spoke to a couple who were moaning about the quality, suggesting that they eat out one evening and suggested a local Tapas bar.To my amazement 2 days later they came to tell us that they had taken our advice and were delighted that they had. They actually commented that they thought the cost for their food was very reasonable, albeit the cost of their drinks a little high, tells a story don't you think? I know that this is a more common problem than you may think. We have some very good friends living in Sa Coma who have over-heard the same sort of comments made by visitors. No matter, I still hope to return in October, and hope that sooner or later the powers to be will sit up and take note.
Nick and Christine Winter.


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